Game Ready Glove Break-In Service

Break In Service: Light Break In (Fielder Glove)
Sale price$39.00


We wouldn't be GAME READY SPORTS, if we couldn't get your glove to you in Game Ready condition.  Add this service to your new glove or mitt, and we will accelerate the break in process and deliver your glove in a more playable condition.  Some gloves may still require minimal break in from playing catch, but you glove will arrive 75-95% broken in, depending on glove type.  Our process does not involve frowned upon methods that can damage your glove and void your warranty such as steam, oven baking, oil baths, etc...  We use safe and trusted methods to soften your glove, form the pocket, and improve flexibility and playability.  We top all of that off with a very light coating of high-quality, non greasy glove conditioner to protect your glove and give it the best start to its career.

*Please Note - This Service is currently only available for gloves purchased on our website and added at the time of purchase.  Glove Break In could add an additional 5-14 days to your estimated delivery date shown at checkout.  Orders/Gloves are not able to be cancelled, refunded, returned, or exchanged once the break-in process has started.  Your glove will arrive with the the tags removed, but they will be included in the package. 

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