Tanner Tee the Original Adjustable Batting Tee

Tanner Tee Stem Size: Adjustable 26-43 inch (Adult/Standard: Ages 9 and up)
Sale price$90.00


This is the Original Tanner batting tee that set the industry standard with its rugged craftsmanship and performance. 

The hand-rolled Flextop allows hitters to feel the ball (not the tee) at contact, developing the muscle memory, refining your mechanics and adding power to every swing with your Tanner tee.

  • Select your batting tee height - adult, youth or low ball
  • Durable steel stem and composite base hold up to heavy use
  • Ideal for baseball, softball and tee ball
  • Easy, one hand height adjustment 
  • The Original Tanner tee is stable for hitting and light enough to carry in a bat bag
  • Backed by Tanner Guarantee and 1 year warranty 

Tanner Tee - the Original

Invented by founder and coach Joe Tanner, this is the industry leading Tanner Tee - the Original batting tee that set the standard for the industry.

The Tanner Original batting tee is built to last and is backed by the Tanner Guarantee. The Original hiting tee has two points of height adjustment and is excellent for all ages and skill levels.

Great for use with baseballs, softballs, or training balls, our solid metal design and easy height adjustments make the Original batting tee perfect for every level of baseball and softball batting practice. The Original is lightweight and is easy to fit in nearly any bat bag.

Model: Tanner Tee - the Original

Design & Features

Easy adjustments, metal assemblies, and hand-rolled Flextops ensure the quality of our Original Tanner tee. It's made with the best materials and gets the job done at every level.

  • hand rolled FlexTop


    Hand-rolled rubber Flextop allows you to feel the ball not the tee at contact for the most realistic hitting experience during tee work.

  • easy height adjustments


    Patented friction technology provides smooth, simple adjustments to cover various training heights, from a youth baseball tee to an adult size sports tee.

  • clear ball presentation and visibility


    The baseball or softball rests high on the Flextop so hitters contact the correct portion of the ball to produce line drives, without ever feeling the tee.

  • baseball & softball ready


    Every Tanner Tee is both a baseball and softball batting tee. Our hand-rolled Flextop provides a professional hitting experience for every hitter.

  • Standard Base


    Lightweight, easy to disassemble, and packs into any travel bag, the standard base is versatile, durable, and has been a staple for over 20 years.

  • portable batting tee


    Thin, square base is easy to slide into any bat bag.

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