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This guide will provide everything you need to know before investing in your next softball bat.  Help avoid mistakes and pitfalls in your bat selection process.  If you buy the wrong bat first, it could cost you a large sum of money to have to then purchase another bat.  

This Guide will cover Softball bats ranging from T-Ball and coach pitch all the way up through Middle School, High School.  Most older players will have a pretty good idea what size they need assuming they have been playing a while.  

What Size Bat Does my Daughter Need?

-Bat Size can vary greatly based on Age, Body Size/Strength, Height, League of Play, etc. With this is mind we have compiled a chart that displays generally used sizes per age group.  Of course the best method, is to determine through use in practice and games, what size best suits your daughter, you can get a general idea from looking at this chart.

6U/TBall/Coach Pitch - The younger ages (4, 5) might start with a 24" or no more than a 26" bat and usually 12-14 ounces depending on skill, and strength of your baller.  

8U/Coach Pitch - Typically a 28/17 or 29/18 would work well.  30/19 or 30/20 can also work for older girls in this age group to provide more pop since it is typically slower pitching from a coach. As long as they can swing it comfortably, you won't have to worry as much about a small amount of extra weight slowing them down as you would once they advance to player pitch. 

10U - Smaller girls can continue to use a 29/18 while they learning to hit off of pitchers.  But typically a bat of 30-31" and 19-20 oz (maybe even 21oz) should fit most girls pretty well in 10U.  

12U - Typically something in the 30, 31, 32" range with weight of (19-22oz) depending on the strength of the child and the hitting ability/swing style.  

14U - 32 and 33" are most common with weights depending on the strength/size of the player...typically ranging from 22-24oz.   32/22 and 33/23 are popular sizes and a lot of players can handle a Drop 9 (-9) bat at this age and will opt for 32/23 or 33/24.

16U/HS - 33-34", 22-25oz

18U/HS/College - 33-34", 23-26oz

Baseball/Softball Bat Length Chart by Size and Weight

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